Tree Removal....
.... For right reasons

With a name like Living Tree we are asked Do you take trees down?”

Our answer is “Yes, for a good reason." There are far too many trees being taken down for the wrong reasons and without the client or the tree’s best interest in mind. Misdiagnosis is running more rampant than tree disease, and in the aftermath of storm damage, the fears and uncertainty of tree owners are playing into the hands of some tree companies with self-interests.

Trees are not being replaced as quickly as they are coming down. There is too much open space where trees used to be, and have not been replaced.

A tree can appear to be healthy, yet with a tree risk assessment it can be found to be a liability. Or a tree can be looking rough, yet having withstood several years of severe wind tests, it can be preserved through proper tree health care and corrective pruning. If a TREE RISK ASSESMENT cannot fully reveal what needs to be seen from the ground, then an ‘upper crown inspection’ is warranted with a tree climber specialist. The value of your trees and your property is well worth the steps.

When a tree must come down, Living Tree Care removes trees while incorporating highly advanced rope and rigging techniques. ALTERNAMATS are used to minimize impact to the yard and adjacent tree root systems where entering a property with equipment is necessary.