• Jim Kasten/Herculaneum Today & Tomorrow group–636.464.0100
Mayor Gina Vinyard–636.475.4447

Presently:Living Tree Care is closely working with the city of Herculaneum in a long-term plan of restoring   its green space. Much of the mature tree population was lost due to soil excavation from lead contamination of the entire town. We are presently meeting with Doe Run and the leaders of Herculaneum to pursue a long-term plan of urban forestry involving tree planting, pruning, and becoming the first TREE CITY U.S.A. in Jefferson County. 

• City of St Louis: Dept. of Natural Resources Grant: 
Jamie Frank / City of St Louis Forester–314.289.5316

The City of St. Louis, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry, in pursuit of its Forest Park Forever renovation/ two consecutive contracts in 2002 and 2003 totaling $120,000.00 
1.  Service to the City included hazard and deadwood pruning of over 600 of Forest Park’s larger trees, installation of lightning protection for the Park’s most valuable and historic trees, and Cobra system installation for some multi-stemmed trees susceptible to breaking. Living Tree trained a selected St Louis Forestry crew in the Installation of lightning Protection systems. Award of Distinction was presented to Living Tree Care in 2004 from the Tree Care industry Association for this project in Forest Park.

2.  In 2004 the City of St Louis, Dept. of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry through a $35,000.00 grant from the DNR hired Living Tree Care to collect data and inject Oak trees through macro-infusion to prevent Oak Wilt, which was threatening the park’s Red Oak population.

City of Greendale: Mayor Monica Huddleston–314.725.6575
Assessment of all parkway trees. Included Hazard Risk and pruning needs and a description and finally implementation of the pruning of all trees and removing of Hazard trees between the walk and street. 

• Spring 2005
Tree Micro/Macro Injection Training seminar:    
Living Tree Care hosted a seminar in St Louis at Tower Grove Park, training Illinois and Missouri area government, municipal, and private tree and landscape company owners in identifying local pest and nutrition related problems. Participants spent the second half of the day injecting trees themselves and came away with an understanding of the environmentally safer benefits of tree injecting versus spraying.

Jefferson Community College:  636.797.3000   Jerry Greenstreet     

Pruning approximately 200 mature trees each year on campus in a yearly cycle

Extension courses in fall and spring seasons involved classroom and filed instruction on tree biology, planting, and protocols for pruning. College grounds staff have been trained in the class that was open to the public and other tree and landscape companies.  The college property is 400 acres. The public relations department is presently collaborating with Living Tree in a format for the college cable station to discuss tree care, pruning, planting, and disease control.

• T.R.I.M Grant Project: Hazardous deadwood pruning of all trees along the roadways of Crystal City Mo.  Mark Boyer–636.937.4614
$10,000.00/ City is matching with $10,000.00 

Late spring Living Tree will be training Crystal City public employees how to spot early symptoms of diseases in their mature stands of hardwoods

• Other projects/ Father Dickson Historical black cemetery / Ernest Jordan–314.822.8221

Coordination of 100 volunteers each year in the removal of dead and dying trees and pruning of all trees on a ten-acre site. The site was under threat of being acquired for industrial purposes

City of University City: Daniel Kennedy of Living Tree Care sits on the TREE BOARD