Living Tree Concepts Pruning Clinic

For Municipalities, county, state highway and
forestry crews, golf courses, Parks departments
and landscape companies, university campuses,
college forestry majors and Tree service companies.

Either a tree should be trimmed right or not at all
Trees succumb to decline, disease, and hollowing
when pruning is performed without a basic
understanding of their physiology and response
to the pruning methods and timing. Much tree
decline and hollowing is due to tree services
performing improper trimming practices.
We train and instruct those in the green and
landscape industry that want to have more skill,
control and confidence in the pruning and keeping
of their client’s trees.

Pruning Clinic Itinerary
• American National Standard for PruningANSI A300
• Prescribing a tree’s pruning requirements
• Pruning methods and the tree’s response
• Manual and motorized pruning tools
• Roping and rigging from the ground
• Hands on’ subscription pruning
• Tree cavity surgery concepts
• Developing a central leader
• Precision crown raising
• Vista and view pruning
• Directional pruning
• Selective thinning
• Crown cleaning
• Young trees

For those who have experience with power pruning tools but need knowledge and confidence of what, where and how to prune, we recommend a one-day seminar

The two-day seminar will incorporate manual as well as power pruning tools and the implementation of pruning requirements that make use of the various pruning tools.

Clinic requirements:
Hardhat, safety glasses, chainsaw chaps (for the power saw clinic / LTCC can help acquire these) Gloves suggested

Optional 1-day seminar Manual hand & pole saw & pole pruning
Optional 1-day seminar Chain & power pole saw safety and pruning
2-day Pruning clinic includes both the above