Micro/Macro injecting SAVES trees

Many of you have been giving your tree spraying to tree companies, and receiving nothing in return.

We are going to show you ways to improve your cash flow during your slow season. The answer is in the trees.

Last spring Fox News produced four 60 second spots with Living Tree Care certified arborists injecting news anchor John Perzborn’s own sweet gum trees. WE HIT A NERVE, the response was overwhelming and we discovered two things:
St. Louis people have a love/hate relationship with their Sweet Gums Trees
Cost was not an issue

This seminar is the first in the St. Louis area and designed specifically for landscape contractors, architects, designers and installers.

preventing serious tree disease such as Dutch Elm and Oak Wilt
the pros and cons of injecting and how it works

The cost of this day-long seminar includes: morning classroom sessions and hands on injecting of trees in the afternoon session.

Products supplied by Tree Tech

How you can save time and make money!
Sweet Gum Injection Facts:
Average circumference: 60”
Number of injectors: 15
Cost per injector: $4.00
Cost to customer: $12.00
Time and labor: 20 minutes
Cost to customer: $180.00
PROFIT $120.00

Get in the Business of Saving Trees. Improve your cash flow! (During your slow season)
Identify local pest and nutrition related problems
Understand the principles and proper timing of microinjection
Special emphasis will be placed on deflowering and hormone treatments to reduce nut and fruit production e.g., Sweet Gum Balls
Marketing strategies will be discussed to improve microinjection sales