Father Dickson Cemetery of St. Louis County and Living Tree Care of Jefferson County were joint recipients of an Excellence In Arboriculture Award. The Tree Care Industry Association (T.C.I.A.) presents a few of the awards for outstanding tree and landscape projects. Ernest Jordan of Father Dickson and Phil Berwick of Living Tree Care coordinated the activities of and worked with two hundred volunteers who cut, pruned or removed dead trees and vines encroaching in portions of the 13-acre Cemetery in Crestwood. 

Father Dickson was the first all African American cemetery in St. Louis, with several famous citizens and soldiers of the Spanish American and and world wars. Slaves and the children of slaves are laid to rest there. The project of restoring this hidden jewel has been many years in the doing. Commercial interests have been encroaching at it’s gate, but the Father Dickson board, named after Father Dickson and the Order of Twelve, (an underground Railroad during the Civil War) have been given to the preservation and continuation of the historical cemetery.

The vision extends to eventual ownership and perpetual care, but for the time anyone desiring to be a Friend of Father Dickson should contact them at P.O Box 220612 Kirkwood MO. 63122 or call 314-822-8221.

The cemetery is located just south of Big Bend on the west side of Sappington. The History of Moses Dickson and the cemetery can be found at the web site/ Father Dickson Cemetery St. Louis.



Half of our personnel are certified with the International Society of Arboriculture.

St Louis arborist Association membership and past Vice President.

Daniel Kennedy one of our Arborists is a member of the City of University City Tree board.

 Arborists Phil Berwick and Eric Spencer have taught tree trimming and injection technique for various organizations, garden clubs, universities and individuals.

 Presently Living Tree Care is collaborating with Jefferson Community College in Jefferson County and their TV station to develop an educational series about every aspect of tree care along with topics having to do with our soils, plants and environment


Ernest Jordan of Father Dickson and Phil Berwick of Living Tree with the Award.

Volunteers cut ivy, vines, brush and dead and undesirable trees, dragging everything to a staging area where the material is passed through a chipper. The wood chips end up placed around tombstones by other volunteer crews