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Living Tree Concepts

How the concept began 

We realized there was a great void in proper tree care management. There are tree diseases and declines that in our day and age are controllable. We have saved only so many by ourselves. We have saved many more by training individuals, communities and companies. There also remains a great need for safe tree climbing, pruning and removal practices.

Public works, counties, forestry departments, grounds keepers, tree and landscapers, groups such as garden clubs or individuals can participate in a one or two day Pruning class (see page), Tree Risk Assessment Surgery Clinic (see page), or up to a week long Roping Rigging & Removal course (see page). We offer a sampler of all three as well shown below. Seminars are available for neighborhood associations that are interested in monitoring their neighborhood trees for pest and disease threats. Participants from any of the courses acquire hands on knowledge, passion and confidence for keeping and managing trees. 

Arborist Sampler:
Pruning, tree risk assessment, roping, rigging & removal

One-day clinic:
The methods of pruning trees are demonstrated
Participants perform pruning from the ground
Handsaws and extension pole saws are the tools of choice 

Two-day clinic: 
Hazard tree assessments
Chainsaw safety, sharpening and use
Setting a rope and felling a tree from the ground.

Three-day clinic:
Includes the above and a primer on climbing,
Equipment, technique, and use of a hand saw in a tree.

Cabling, Bracing and Tree Support Systems Seminar/ 1-day seminar
Best Management Practices and ANSI A-300 standards for tree support systems. Participants install Steel cabling equipment as well as Dynamic cabling systems alongside LTCC arborists.

Lightning Protection and Installation Seminar/ 1-day seminar
Demonstration and hands on installation techniques and equipment of systems are performed by participants along side LTC arborists.