st. louis tree care
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LTC is not a typical tree company. We have a
Priority of community involvement and relationship,
with a keen desire for the advancement of
those who work with earth and trees. 

We invest in people and their ability to be helpful
and responsible contributors to our world,
directly, in their day-to-day, tasks-to-task activities.

We have a history of cultivating competent and
caring tree care industry workers and arborists.

Our priority of education, training and safety grows
out of the great need that exists for instruction and
training in ethical and safe tree care management. 

We offer a variety of production and / or training services for
total tree health, safety and beauty, including:
 Soil testing
 Specialty pruning
 Disease prevention
 Deadwood removal
 Tree risk assessment
 Hazard tree removals
 Augmenting poor soil
 Tree and shrub Planting
 Sweet Gum Ball prevention
 Diagnosis of diseased trees
 Treatments of diseased trees 
 Storm Damage repair & clean up
 Inventory and prescription tree care
 Storm damage prevention and restoration
 Tree thinning for sunlight increase to yard
 Cabling and supporting weak or damaged trees
 Building around trees consultation and planning